QuSiED - Quantum simulation with engineered dissipation

QuantERA project


Our targeted breakthrough is to construct a new platform consisting of a many-atom Ytterbium optical tweezer array integrated with a cavity QED setup.

It has long been known that photons could mediate strong interactions of long-range character. In practice, however, large and uncontrolled dissipation in the form of atomic spontaneous emission greatly limits the interaction fidelities.

Our setup will instead harness spontaneous emission as a correlated form of dissipation, which can be suppressed and even utilized for dissipation engineering given the ability to controllably position atoms at sub-wavelength distances.

The anticipated increases in interaction fidelities (to the ~99% level), along with the capabilities for long-range interactions, engineered dissipation, and single-atom control and read-out will make such a platform a leading candidate for future applications in quantum simulation and metrology to produce novel exotic dissipative phases of matter and to investigate entanglement and non-equilibrium dynamics of strongly correlated systems.

Targeted breakthroughs:

  • Construction of an ambitious many-atom tweezer-cavity platform, through the shared expertise of the experimental PI's in the separate fields of ultracold atomic physics and cavity QED

  • Realization of emergent dissipative non-equilibrium phenomena showing spontaneous breaking of time translation symmetry, such as time-crystals and limit cycles.

  • Generating metrologically useful states in a way that is protected from undesired dissipation.

  • Exotic entanglement evolution in long-range dissipative settings.

  • New theoretical tools for this hybrid platform at the interface of quantum optics, quantum information, and theoretical and computational many-body physics.

This project was funded within the QuantERA II Programme that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101017733